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  • Chores schedule visual support to assist people with Autism and learning difficulties
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Chores schedule combo

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Teach independence and task completion with this chores schedule. It will look great on your fridge or your wall.

Can be personalised to display the name of the user. If you choose not to personalise the heading will read ‘My chores’

Available as a Fridge magnet or laminated & velcro version (non-magnetic version is made with 200gsm card stock with 100 micron laminate)

This combination set includes a blank chores schedule and an additional set of 20 individual chores displayed on a seperate display board. 

Includes the following chores:

  1. make my bed
  2. pack away toys
  3. feed the dog
  4. wash the dishes
  5. dry the dishes
  6. clear the table
  7. set the table 
  8. empty rubbish bin
  9. tidy up
  10. water the plants
  11. feed the cat
  12. vacuum
  13. load the washing machine
  14. hang the washing out
  15. cut the grass
  16. put away laundry
  17. dust the furniture
  18. load the dishwasher
  19. empty the dishwasher 
  20. fold the laundry