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  • Daily activities schedule. Resources for students with Autism to help support their daily schedule
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Daily activities schedule with activity book

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Many people with benefit from routine and structure, especially people with Autism or additional needs. There are many benefits from using a daily schedule such as assisting with task completion, independence and transitions while reducing anxiety by knowing what's next, resulting in fewer behaviours.

Many people with Autism are visual learners, and visual supports play an important role when teaching students with Autism and people with additional needs. The information is there in front of them to look at and refer to as many times as they need.

The user's photo and name can be added to both the schedule and activities book. (If you chose not to personalise the items will display ‘My daily activities’)

Daily activities schedule

Our daily activities schedule comes in a range of colours. Approximately 40cm long and holds 8 activity symbols. Simply move each completed activity into the finished column once completed. 

Daily activities book

Each schedule comes with a daily activities book containing 90 PECS  symbols.  Keeping all your activities neat and tidy and in one place! 

The book has 6 pages holding 15 PECS activities on each page. There are 60 x activities symbols included and 30 x places symbols in total.  All symbols attach to the book and schedule with velcro. (Loop on the surface and hook on the back of each symbol). 

Please not that this activity book is created with prefixed symbols, they can not be personalised. If you would like a book with personalised symbols check out our ‘Activities book- Customised’ version. 

Our books are made with quality materials; 200 gsm card stock, mat laminate and coil binding.