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I feel - because book

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Teach emotion regulation with our customised book. 

Many children with Autism have great difficulty understanding and recognising emotions. This can be incredibly frustrating for children if they cannot tell you why they are upset or hurt. We can teach how to recognise emotions with structured activities.

This activity book is customised to suit the user by adding your own sentence strips to match various emotions, you can create 30 sentence strips in total.

For example, you may want a sentence strip that reads 'the iPad is broken' to match with the angry emotion, or 'I fell over' to match with the upset emotion etc. You can shorten the sentence strips with fewer words if that would suit the user better. 

How to use this book:

  • The front page displays 7 different emotions. Select which emotion you want to practise and add it on the velcro dot next to the written text the I feel ..... 
  • Choose a selection of sentence strips and add them to the velcro on the main page (up to six.)
  • Encourage the user to select the correct sentence strip that matches the emotion and add the strip to the velcro after the text 'because'.  eg: I feel excited because I'm going to a party.
  • There is room on the front page to display 6 different sentence strips though, to begin with, it is better to just give a choice of two or three to make things easier. You can increase it as it gets easier.

Please note- If you leave any of the sentence strips blank when customising they will be created as a blank strip. You can then have them as spares and write on them later on.

Each book includes:

  • choice of 7 emotions
  • 30 customised sentence strips
  • A4 laminated book with front and back cover
  • coil binding
  • velcro dots included
  • 15 sentence strips per page (2 pages in total)
  • 250 GSM card stock 
  • Matt laminate