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  • A3 weekly planner. Resources for students with Autism to help support their weekly schedule
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A3 weekly planner with activities book

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Keep track of your busy family schedule and help reduce anxiety using this great weekly planner.  Keep all of your activity choices displayed neatly in a fun book so you won’t lose them!

Many people with Autism are visual learners, and visual supports play an important role. The information is there in front of them to look at and refer to as many times as they need.

Simply adding visual supports to your daily routine can lower anxiety by knowing what is happening next. Also helping with task completion, independence and transitions, resulting in fewer behaviours. 

This set includes an

  • A3 weekly planner displaying the days of the week
  • name and photo can also be added which is optional. (If you choose not to personalise the planner will display ‘My weekly planner’). 
  • A book (approximately A4 in size) that has 4 pages and stores 60 symbols attached by velcro. 
  • 30 x activity symbols
  • 30 x places symbols  
  • choice of fun book covers

If you do not wish to personalise this item with a name or photo, just leave the options blank and you will receive a generic version that reads 'My weekly planner' and the book will read 'Weekly planner activities book'.

Below is a list of all the symbols included in this set-


  • homework x 5
  • electronics x 5
  • playdate x 2
  • swimming
  • climbing
  • bike ride
  • games
  • therapy
  • computer game
  • puzzle
  • gymnastics
  • movie
  • cooking
  • lego
  • art / crafts
  • birthday party
  • dancing
  • sport
  • reading
  • walking
  • music


  • school x 5
  • before / after school x 5
  • park x 2
  • beach
  • swimming pool
  • cafe
  • restaurant
  • shopping centre
  • library
  • church
  • airport
  • city
  • hospital
  • cinema
  • camp
  • doctor
  • supermarket
  • play centre
  • dentist
  • holiday
  • zoo