About us

Clever Klogs was created by myself, a busy mum in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne. On a regular day I'm busy giving my best efforts to be all-round super woman to support my gorgeous son who has Autism.

Having a teenage son with Autism and complex learning difficulties has been a journey. One full with love and joy but not without a lot of hard work along the way. 

With well over a decade of engaging in many therapies to help my son achieve his goals and be the best he can, this journey has lead me to find my passion; creating fun visuals aids to help assist with communication and life skills. 

My son is a visual learner like many, so visual supports are a part of his every day life. Helping with his independence and communication they are an invaluable tool.

Creating visual supports can be really time consuming. So here at Clever klogs our visuals are created for you with that in mind, allowing you to have more free time. 

All of our creations are handmade and made to order using quality materials. We take great pride in our creations. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.