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Communication book

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Communication books allow people that have communication difficulties to express their needs and feelings with their community. 

Our communication book uses a mixture of PECS symbols, personal photos and text. It is fully personalised to suit each user so no two books are the same. The user is able to express their needs by gesturing to the relevant symbols for each category incorporating the core vocab page.

The book includes a personalised core page on the left pages. 

  • Approximately A4 size
  • portrait orientation 
  • personalised photo and name on front cover, phone number on the back cover.
  • Each book can have up to 20 fully personalised pages plus a personalised core page.
  • Up to 15 symbols per page, each symbol is personalised to the user, choice of PECS symbols or personal photos
  • The core page can hold up to 15 symbols.
  • Maximum of 12 categories per book
  • Tabbed pages and colour coded.
  • Rounded edges
  • Coil binding
  • Quality materials: 100 gsm mat laminate 200GSM card stock for a professional finish.

Your current speech therapist will be the best person to advise which core symbols and categories will be most beneficial to the user.  We are more than happy to work with carers or therapists to create the book. Please note we are unable to provide advice on what categories or symbols to include, as it’s important that this information is recommended by someone that works with the user and knows them well. 

If you are using NDIS funds and need an invoice prior to payment we can organise this to be sent to yourself or your plan manager. 

Once full payment is made we will email you an order form, this is where you will be able to personalise each symbol. Once completed, email it back to us along with any personal photos you would like included.

We will email you a draft copy of the book before it is made, this allows you to make sure you are happy and gives you an opportunity to make any changes before it is made.