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Clever Klogs

Daily schedule - large

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Teach independence and task completion with our fabulous extra large daily schedules.  Designed to be used with our fully personalised our activities books.

Each schedule can be personalised to show the photo and name of the user. (If you choose not to personalise the schedule will read ‘Daily schedule’).

We can also change the wording of the schedule if you prefer. For example, you might want one schedule that is titled ‘morning schedule’ and another that is titled ‘afternoon schedule’ or ‘homework schedule’ etc.  If you would like to change the wording please email us.

  • 39cm long x 15cm wide approximately 
  • velcro loop strips
  • Different colours to choose from
  • 200 gsm card-stock
  • 100 micron laminate 
  • rounded corners

(please note this item does not come with any symbols, the symbols and activities book are sold separately).