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Clever Klogs

Describing book

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Our therapy books are designed to keep all your therapy visuals tidy and in one place! 

This book contains 78 symbols relating to teaching adjectives. Great for therapy and handy having them all in one place, easy to pack away and keep neat and tidy.

The main inside page is interactive, allowing you to use symbols to describe pictures.

Each book includes:

  • describing category: (45 adjective symbols)
  • colours category (15 colour symbols)
  • Things tab ( 18 larger photo cards)
  • approx. A4 size
  • coil binding
  • Symbols are double trimmed to provide a laminate border to offer extra protection from moisture and peeling
  • symbols have velcro dots attached to the back (hook)
  • Velcro attached to book face (loop)
  • rounded edges
  • mat laminate 100 micron
  • 200 GSM card stock