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Let's chat interactive book / school

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Let’s chat about my day at school book is a fully personalised and interactive book that uses a mixture of PECS symbols, personal photos and text. Each symbol in this book will relate to things the user will usually do at school.

A great way for the user to be able to share their experiences about their day with their community. It’s also a great therapy tool, to encourage the user to talk about people they have seen, what they have done and how they felt. 

At the end of each day in the classroom, the user is encouraged to choose symbols from each category that relates to their day at school and share them on the main page. Each category is fully customised to include symbols and photos that are personal to the user. Once the user is home they are able to share this information with family and their community. 

Each book includes the following categories:

  • Days of the week (7 symbols)
  • The weather (9 symbols)
  • People (15 symbols)
  • Activities (15 symbols)
  • Special activities (15 symbols)
  • Feelings (15 symbols)

Each book also includes:

  • Personalised photo and name on the front cover
  • choice of fun covers to choose from
  • A phone number on the back cover
  • Approximately A4 size
  • Portrait orientation
  • coil binding
  • velcro symbols (hook)
  • velcro on book surface (loop)
  • symbols are double trimmed to get an extra laminate edge, offering extra protection from moisture and peeling
  • Rounded edged
  • Mat laminate 
  • 200 GSM card stock

If you are using NDIS funds and require an invoice prior to purchasing, we can organise for an invoice yo be sent to yourself or your plan manager. Please send us an online enquiry. 

Once payment is received we will email an order form. Here you can personalise what symbols you would like. Once completed return the form with any personal photo's you would like to include. We will email you a draft copy of the book before it is made to ensure all information is correct.