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Sentence building book

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Build sentences with colourful semantics using our cool sentence building book! 

Colourful semantics is an approach created by Alison Bryan specifically designed to build sentence structure in children.  It’s system colour codes sentences, breaking down each word and helping children understand the meaning of each word. It’s also a fantastic way to teach WH questions! 

Colourful semantics is used widely in schools, with speech pathologists and other allied health professionals.

Directions for use:

Simply display a photo on the main page or look at an image on the computer. Under the image place the velcro colourful semantics strip (who/what doing/what/where) Under each word place a few colour coded choices to correspond with each word. The user is then encouraged to choose the correct symbol to describe the image and place it on to the strip.
Beginners can start with just one word and expand as they learn, gradually fading out the visual choices. The individual symbols can be rearranged if you wish to also include an adjective once the user is advanced.

Each book includes the following:

  • A total of 150 individual symbols to create sentences (30 for each catagory)
    one main display page ( velcro strips attached to hold a colourful semantics sentence strip and to attach choices for each below)
  • Who page - including 30 colour coded symbols 
  • What doing page- including 30 colour coded symbols
  • What page- including 30 colour coded symbols
  • Describe page- including 30 colour coded adjectives 
  • 1 colourful semantics sentence strip (who/what doing/what/where)
  • 5 individual symbols (who/what doing/ what/where/describe) 
  • coil binding 
  • 250 GSM card-stock
  • mat laminate 
  • rounded edges
  • velcro hook on reverse of symbols
  • velcro loop on book surface 

Please note photos or images are not included. Additional symbols can be purchased separately.